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The heart influenced cups and saucers are individually hand made.  While similar, like people they are not exactly the same. The texture of Loving Cups are smooth and rough, reminding us that love is not always smooth. People who use these cups and saucers can not fail to be reminded that love is with them.

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Pots Attending Carlton Arts Centre Pottery Exhibition + Sale December 5 – 7 2014

Teapots * Vases * Jars * Bowls & Plate * Others

TEAPOTS Piggy Tea Pot_6 Green Bamboo Tea Pot_6

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Lotus Inspiration

Summer, the most exciting season is not too far away. “Angle Wing”, my white lotus is shutting leaves out after a long sleep during winter, waving to me like saying “long time no see”.

photoPhoto of Angle Wings in last summer

My favorite flower is lotus not only because of its traditional elegant character and metaphor but more about its season,  its fragrant which has not been as well-known as its beauty, and its geometry structures in different part of its organ. Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

twinkle twinkle little star_tea candle light holder

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a tea candle light chest with mat ocean blue glaze on the outside lid, light orange smooth glaze on the outside bottom and white glaze inside.

She turned from a solid ball of stoneware clay into a hollow sphere and then opened up herself with a wave, which is like the heart beating diagram, for letting lights burning inside her, lighting and warming her. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star now is warm and bright inside and she would love to share the warmth and brightness with everyone around. Therefore, she drilled dozens of eyes on her body and guided light travel through all her eyes and sent heat from her inner skin to the outer skin. Continue reading

Blue Lady Pot with silk blue coil hat and orange flower

Such a cosy time I enjoyed when decorating the lid of this blue glaze pot, sitting in my lunge room hugged with warm air from gas heater and patiently coiling the string onto my new exciting experimental piece, the Blue Lady Pot.

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Shellac Fun

Coincidentally discovered using Shellac as a process media in pottery decoration and design. It provides a wide range of design possibilities. I would like to call it a key for another new world in pottery art.

Lucky me, there are shellac flakes at home when my head reaching the explode point by the rocket growing ideas of shellac pottery designs expanding inside. After some happy test results achieved on a small broken green piece, I practiced the magic method on a vase and named it the wasps nest.

Shellac 20141101-2Shellac jar & the Wasps Nest

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