UNIQUE    every one is individually handmade

LOVE    celebrates the inspiration of nature & life

CALM    brings peaceful moments to enjoy

CARING    about people and environment

BEAUTY    arts, usefulness and soul


About 田TianCeramics

The works of 田TianCeramics will satisfy those who seek a special and unique piece of ceramic work full of the rich characters of love, calm, careness and beauty.

田TianCeramics’ works are mainly ceramic pieces with a useful function from cups to vases. They are art works in themselves, and further their usefulness is the soul which
materialises their existence. 田TianCeramics has a wide range of concepts and continue to celebrate the beauty of nature and life.


About me

I love incorporating shapes, colour combinations, contrasts, different materials,
with inspirations from sea life, plants and ancient visions and culture perspectives.

I am currently working on creating work which has practical application such as cups for drinking tea and vases for flower presentation, while making the owner’s life happier and brighter; I want to guide people to gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their everyday requirements.

I learnt pottery techniques at Carlton Arts Centre from the instructors and fellow ceramicists. Now I work in my own studio space, located at Footscray Makers Lab.



田TianCeramics Market Schedule shows up coming markets

My Membership/Directory

Craft Victoria Accredited Member

Maribyrnong City Council Online Arts Directory

Footscray Maker Lab


Post Industrial Design, 638 Barkly St, West Footscray VIC 3012

Bassett Gallery, 14 Wembley Ave, Yarraville, VIC 3013



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